SS / GI Grating Clamps

Durability, quickness, and ease of use are the three pillars that have made Arabian Gratings’s grating fixing clamps the number one choice in every trade. We offer a cost-efficient process of clamping through our standard grating clamps available on quick delivery.

Arabian Gratings offers the Grating Fixing Clamps in Mild Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized Finish (Suitable for Fixing Mild Steel Galvanized Gratings) & Stainless steel AISI 304 OR 316 CLAMP (Suitable for Fixing S.S., Al., and FRP/GRP Gratings).

We have designed an universal Grating clamp, which is suitable to fix Gratings from 25mm upto 60mm depth and suitable for variety of pitches. Our Grating Clamp comprises of

Standard panel specifications
  • Pressed clamp plate (Bottom plate)
  • M Type Saddle clip
  • M8 x 70mm Bolt and Nut

  • We can also design and supply customized clips for special applications when required.